Blind Waiters Keep Diners in the Dark ... Literally

Dans Le NoirDancing in the dark is one thing, but dining in it, on purpose, when there's plenty of electricity to be had?

That's what European chain restaurant Dans Le Noir wants to offer diners in New York as they look to find space in the Big Apple. The name is French for "in the dark", and the restaurants are just that.

We're not talking dimly light here, it's pitch black.

You even have to leave any potential source of light, like your watch or cell phone, in a reception room.


The concept behind it is really intriguing. According to owners, in humans sight is the dominant sense. So when you take that away, even temporarily, your other senses -- like smell and taste -- come alive.

And the servers? They're all blind. You can't see them, and they can't see you, but they're adept at moving through darkness. No one can see the food, except the chefs who are, thankfully, granted light.

My interest is piqued, but so many concerns come to mind, such as the huge mess I would make as I try to feed myself in the dark. I don't always do so well in well-lit places.

Then I think of creepy wondering hands from strange men (diners sit at large community tables) who have no accountability for their under-the-table groping in the dark, or even worse, MURDER. Hysterical yes, but I can't get images of real-life murder mystery out of my mind. Someone could easily pull out a knife and stab a fellow diner or pop some poison in their pinot grigio. Maybe I watch too much Lifetime TV, but it could happen.

Seriously, I think  it could be fun with a large group of friends surrounding (and protecting) me, or perhaps a very sensual experience for a date night. It's definitely something I'd try once.

I just wouldn't wear white.

What about you, would you be open to dining in a pitch black restaurant?

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