Celebrities Drop Crumbs: What They Eat During Interviews

gwenyth paltrow vogueIs it just because I'm food obsessed, or does it seem like there's always food lurking in celebrity interviews?

The apogee of this trend has to be the Gwyneth Paltrow interview in the July issue of Vogue. She and food writer Jeffrey Steingarten spent an afternoon together at her palace in London grilling pizzas from her "perfectly kneaded dough" and enjoying "the crispest roast chicken you can imagine." Jeffrey mentions the jeans practically falling off her gangly body and the dedicated deep fryer in her kitchen.

Skinny, blonde, rich, beautiful, good cook, fried foods ... was Steingarten deliberately trying to make us hate Gwynnie?


In this case all the food talk was partly to promote Gwyneth's upcoming cookbook. Okay, fine. But dear, dear celebrities, we want to see you suffer for your good looks. We want to read about you picking wistfully at your salads. It would make us feel so much better about our own imperfect but well-fed selves.

Here's what September's celebrities picked at -- or at least mentioned -- in their glossy interviews this month.

halle berry vogueIn this month's Vogue, Halle Berry has lunch in the garden of Il Cielo in Beverly Hills and then hosts a dinner party at her Malibu home. There's no mention of what she eats, but there is a long description of her painfully rigorous workout. Excellent, Halle! Thank you.








jennifer lopez glamourIn this month's Glamour Jennifer Lopez mostly hangs out by the pool. But she does mention, "I like to cook Puerto Rican food. That’s what I grew up on: rice, beans, meat, some Italian-American food. I know my way around the kitchen."







lady ga ga vanity fairMeanwhile, over in Vanity Fair Lady Gaga seems way too busy to eat much of anything. She does admit to some self-destructive eating behavior during a phase of substance abuse. Then she's on to the next thing, leaving the reporter behind in her hotel room. He spies a room-service table holding her dinner: half-eaten crab cakes and green salad.






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Images via Vogue (August), Vogue (September), Glamour, Vanity Fair


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