Dinner With Weeds: What to Eat While Fleeing a Mexican Drug Cartel

weedsI was hoping to write about all the good Mexican food the Botwins would be eating this season on Weeds now that Nancy is married to Mexican drug lord/politician Esteban. But no.

At the beginning of Season 6 we are reminded of how teenaged Shane (son of former drug dealer-turned-mafia-wife Nancy) lethally whacked the rich, homicidal political operator Pilar in the head with a croquet mallet. This means that once again the family's lives are in danger and they must hit the road.

So no Mexican food -- and no sliders, either, which is apparently what they were serving at the party the Botwins abruptly left. What do you eat when you're running from the Mexican drug cartel? Read on to find out.


It's time to pack for a long, long road trip. Nancy sweeps through the kitchen and grabs:

breastmilkBottled breastmilk for the baby ...



luksusowa vodkaA bottle of vodka from the freezer and ...






red vinesTwo packages of Red Vines





That's so Nancy. This is the woman who talks organic but serves her family a bucket of Popeye's when it's her turn to cook. And yet, when the family decides to take up an alias she picks Newman -- as in Newman's Own? It's such a hopeful gesture to name yourself after an organic food company.

banana bud breadIn the meantime they're going to need more than vodka and licorice on the road. They're going to need Nancy's devoted brother-in-law Andy's van, and they're going to need his mad kitchen skilz. Especially when it comes to baking.

Oh, but quick change -- Nancy decides to start selling hash instead of weed. How will Andy make banana bud bread out of that?



Images via Showtime; Nerissa's Ring; Bevmax; Weeds/YouTube

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