Sun Chips: Most Annoying Snack in the World (But for a Good Cause)

Sun ChipsI love Sun Chips, and I love that Frito Lay is concerned enough about our planet to make the new bags for them compostable. But they're LOUD.

I thought I was going to get kicked out the library while trying to much on them the other day, and I'm not the only one one who has noticed the noise.

The Wall Street Journal  ran an article today about how many others have heard the equivalent of a sonic boom when opening a bag of Sun Chips.


There are videos about the noise all over the Internet, including this one from a pilot who says the bag is louder than the cockpit of his jet.

I believe it!

But I'm willing to put up with the bags because they really are great -- in just 14 weeks they wiill completely decompose when placed in a hot, active compost bin or pile. I hope other companies follow suit.

There are some other positives too:

  • If someone is stealing your lunch from the office kitchen, you'll hear them.
  • It may cut down on your midnight snacking since you won't want to wake the whole house.
  • Take them to a sporting event and use them to create some noise for your team without chaffing your hands from too much clapping.
  • They bring attention to the problems of waste in our society.
  • People like me won't sneak snacks into libraries or other places food isn't allowed

Do you think the noise of the new Sun Chips bags is worth the benefits?

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