Burger King's New Sharable Pizza Burger Is How Big?

burger king signThe extreme sandwiches just keep on coming.

Burger King is planning to introduce a massive hamburger shaped and flavored like a pizza to its Whopper Bar in New York City. Just wait until you hear what's inside this bad boy ...


It's four quarter-pound Whopper patties -- so, one pound of meat total -- topped with mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and herb mayo, all on a 9.5-inch bun (which, if you're keeping track, is roughly the size of a cheesecake). Price tag is $12.99.

That's enormous. Seriously. Maybe it's a good thing it'll only be available in NYC.

BK's pizza burger -- which is separated into six wedges -- is meant to be shared. But you know there will be some idiots who YouTube themselves trying to consume the whole thing individually in one sitting. Either that, or it'll be on the next episode of Man v. Food.

Would you try BK's new massive pizza burger?

Image via cgo2/Flickr

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