Making Sense of the School Lunch Bill: What They Will and Won't Eat

catsperNow that the Senate has passed the new Healthy, Hungry-Free Kids Act, we are EVEN CLOSER to a school food revolution -- or at least some major tweaks. Here's what's in and what's out of school lunch if the bill becomes a law.





school lunchIn: Beans and veggies

Out: Beans AND fried chicken


Remember when Jamie Oliver wanted to use beans as a protein and found out they don't count as a protein? And he was like, AYFKMWS?!? Well, the feds have to revisit school nutrition standards, which may also mean fewer fried foods and more green vegetables.

pennyIn: Six cents

Out: Money for food stamp programs


Schools that meet the new nutritional standards will be eligible for an additional $.06 per child, per meal. Oh Senators, stop spoiling us! Whatever will we do with so much money??? Meanwhile, they're stealing that extra lunch money from the food stamps program, which kinda defeats the "hungry-free kids" idea, doncha think?

roosterIN: Farm-fresh food

OUT: Vending machine junk food


New funds for the Farm to School program may get more fresh fruits and veggies in front of your kids, and there's even a pilot program to encourage organics. Meanwhile, so-called "competitive foods" (snacks served outside the lunch line) will be subject to nutritional standards.


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