The Prettiest Recipes You'll Ever See

vintage recipe box

Attention foodies who adore cute letterpressed items -- greeting cards that are also recipe cards.

Elum, a letterpress company, has come up with a delicious twist on the standard greeting card. Their whimsical cards have a clever food-related message on the front, and a tasty corresponding recipe on the back!

These types of items really inspire me to kick my recipe organization into high gear. How pretty would a grouping of these cards/recipes look? Right now, my collection is nothing more than a stack of print-outs of online recipes. I'm so ashamed!

I have so many creative ideas for organizing recipes, I just have yet to actually follow through make time to do it.


One way that's near and dear to my heart is simple, handwritten recipes on index cards. This is how my grandmother kept her recipes, and though the cards have started yellowing and the scribbled ink is starting to fade, I still love looking at her collection when I go home to my mother's house. Though it may not be the most efficient way of keeping up with your recipes, it sure is nostalgic.

recipe card

One of my friends is a phenomenal cook, and when she tries out a new recipe, she takes a Polaroid of the finished product. If the taste is worthy, she'll write the recipe on the back of the photo and store it.


If you have a lot of recipes to store, I love the idea of using an antique card catalog to organize them.

card catalog

For people like me who have a tendency of printing recipes straight off the computer, one extra step can make a world of difference. Just simply copy and paste the recipe into an online recipe card maker to create beautiful print-outs that are worth keeping.

online recipe maker

How do you organize your recipes?

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