French Chef's Body Found in Freezer ... Two Years Later

Jean-Francois PoinardIn some strange and gruesome news from the food world, the body of Jean-Francois Poinard, a famous French chef, was found last week ... in a freezer where it had been for nearly two years.

His former girlfriend, Guylene Collober, 51, confessed to beating him to death in November 2008 and stuffing him into a freezer in the home they shared, according to The Globe and Mail.


“It was an altercation gone wrong,” prosecutor Marc Desert told the paper. “It would have been a banal affair if there hadn’t been a cadaver lying in a freezer for two years.”

Poinard, who was 71 at the time, was retired, but had owned several well-known restaurants in Paris including Restaurant de Paris and the Panier à Salade.

There are also reports that indicate Collober may have been physically abusing him in the years leading up to the attack. According to Desert, she “has an unusual personality with pathological tendencies: narcissistic, possessive, violent.”

How can anyone go on living life with a secret like that? Knowing someone you once loved is dead, in your freezer just feet away from you?

Apparently, it finally got to her enough that she confessed to her daughter during a "drunken evening" telling her "something unfortunate" had happened. Her daughter called the police, and they found Poinard's body in a freezer that Collober had purchased just for the purpose -- after the body had been in her bathroom for a few days.

Creepy and sad ... and then some.

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