Moles, Tarantulas, and Rattlers Oh My!: Weird Meat That People Eat


moleForewarning: Do not eat while simultaneously reading this post. Gross foods ahead.

It amazes me the things that people eat, foods that are considered the norm, around the world. Just the other day, I overheard someone talking about eating mole. Mole?! The little digusting buck-toothed pests that tear up your yard? You betcha. And it's "earthy and rich," -- go figure.

Here are six other animals that are enjoyed that go way beyond our chicken, beef, and pork go-tos.


Kangaroo: Head down under and you'll notice that kangaroo is a favorite on the menus.

Snake: Often enjoyed in Texas, they take rattlers and kill 'em, skin 'em, and fry 'em up. Yee-haw.

fried rattlesnake

Horse: Black Beauty is a culinary favorite in Central Asia -- much in the same way as cattle is here in the States.

Fried Tarantula: I guess fried up, this huge, hairy, and scary creature doesn't intimidate locals in Cambodia. It apparently has great natural flavor, needing just a hint of garlic. I think I'm just going to take their word on that.

fried tarantula

Pet meat: Our fluffy friends are safe here, but in some parts of the world, dogs and cats are considered just another source of food. Please hold while I go give Scout the Cat lots of hugs and kisses.

Squirrels: No, they're not scraped off the highway (but hey, if you want to get them for cheap for your own home cooking, by all means), they're commercially raised for the sole purpose of consumption.

What's the strangest meat that you've ever eaten? Which of the meats on this list would you be willing to try (if any)?


Images via Tom Verre/Flickr, kimberlykv/Flickr, kmacelwee/Flickr



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JasKat3 JasKat3

Lol.. It would be Hilarious if what you heard Was 'Mole" (pronounced Mol-eeH) not Mole the animal. It is a mexican dish. Its a sauce made with lots of spices. Usually over Chicken. =)

Sultr... SultryLadyBug

Eww to them all. I haven't eaten anything stranger than an egg. i wouldn't try any meats now as I am vegetarian.

Carey... Carey2006


nonmember avatar Melissa

I ate alligator once in New Orleans at Margaritaville on Bourbon St. It was cooked like popcorn chicken. I wouldnt know how to describe the flavor but it was good.

Candice Duffey

id try them all, im adventurous

nonmember avatar Mrs. B Johnson

i've had frog legs, squirrel stew, alligator, all of which were pretty tasty, especially the frog legs...I've never had snake...I can't eat it and sleep at night lol I hate those things!!

Georgianne Teresa Locust

ive eaten frog's legs and alligator.i would be willing to try squirrel and rattler ( i live in arizona, they are plentiful here ), but no way in hell would i eat a spider!!! thats just gross!

nonmember avatar Charlie D

There's certainly nothing weird about eating squirrels- they are a popular game animal here in the U.S.
I've eaten them many times.

nonmember avatar Pearl

Actually, I've always wanted to try snake. It seems like it would be good for some reason.

Paula Perry

Frog legs, Crawdads, and rattlesnake. I don't consider goat, squirrel and rabbit to be strange, just food.

I too wondered if they were referring to mo-le, but it is chocolaty, not earthy

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