11 Foods That Are Better As Leftovers -- Totally Worth The Wait!

stewThere are just some foods that taste better the second time around, after a day or so in the fridge, soaking in the delicious flavors.

Here are 11 dishes that are worth waiting for:


Stew: All of the ingredients have had time to bask in the broth, making it full of flavor.

Chili: The flavors of the spices, meats, and beans seemingly blend to perfection overnight.

Lasagna: For some reason, this pasta dish's noodles do not get soggy once re-heated. In fact, they get more delicious.


Fried Chicken: I may be a loner with this one, but I love cold fried chicken the next morning for breakfast, and oddly enough pairs wonderfully as a side to Frosted Flakes. I'm weird, I know.

Pizza: Give me cold pizza over hot any day!

Potato Salad: I like my potato salad to be super cold, so it's usually better after it's sat in the fridge overnight.

Chinese Food: Who hasn't had leftover Chinese food as a midnight snack? Yum!

chinese food

Meatloaf: Whenever my mom cooked meatloaf for dinner, we'd always make sure we'd save enough to enjoy meatloaf sandwiches for lunch the next day.

Sangria: Okay, so not exactly food, but sangria is always better once the fruit has had time to get infused with alcohol and the flavors to circulate throughout.

Marinated Chicken: The more time the marinade has to soak through the meat, the better.

Salsa: The spicy flavors have had time to intermingle.

What are some foods that you enjoy better after a day or so?

Images via adactio/Flickr, Lori_NY/Flickr, Zantona/Flickr

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