'The Great Food Truck Race' Is the Working Man's 'Top Chef'

great food truck raceThe food truck trend has taken over at least three cities I've lived and enjoyed eating in: New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. Even if you don't live somewhere that you can grab food off the curb, you can start watching how this whole thing works Sunday on The Food Network.

The Great Food Truck Race is a reality competition show where seven food trucks drive across the country, stop to buy groceries, create a menu, and promote the heck out of their dinner options while they're in town. At each stop, the truck chefs that don't sell as much grub must pack it in and head back home.

Combining the food genius of Top Chef with the geographic and mechanical/transportation challenges of The Amazing Race, I'm thinking this show is going to knock America's socks off. And make us all very, very hungry.


Luckily, I can drive a few blocks and enjoy the diesel-fueled flavors of a plethora of trucks since it seems like LA is saturated in cheap, truck-served fare. In fact, just yesterday, only four blocks from my house sat Grill 'Em All -- one of the Los Angeles-based competitors in the race. I ordered a Wit-E burger and French fries with truffle oil. Then I didn't eat for another 24 hours.

Other food truck competitors include the Nom Nom Truck (which I'm on the lookout for), Austin Daily Press, Crepes Bonaparte, Nana Queens, Ragin' Cajun, and Spencer on the Go.

Who will drive back home first? I can't wait to find out!

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Image via The Food Network

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