Toad-Licking Chef Busted

toadsDid you hear the one about the chef who kissed and licked toads in a restaurant kitchen?

There's no punchline, that's a real story out of Iowa where seemingly bored chef, Christopher Turla, started making out with a couple of toads and even stuffed them in his mouth while unknowing diners enjoyed their meal at the Japanese restaurant where he worked.

No one may have ever been the wiser, had the chef been a little wiser himself.


Turla's brother video-taped the antics and somehow the video got posted on YouTube where it was seen by the health department. Uh oh! The chef and restaurant were fined $335.

Besides being just weird, it's gross and unsanitary, especially because he put the frogs down on the table where vegetables are chopped.

"There were several violations committed during the video," food inspector Lindsay Gorishek told "Toads carry several diseases and they also had them in their mouth and then back in their hands on the prep table."

The restaurant owner doesn't seem particularly upset and said the chef is "just a funny guy who needs some more training about restaurant sanitation."

You think?

I contacted Furla to see what he thought of all the publicity from his antics.

"People that know me love my video and they think it was hilarious and will still come and see me," he told me. "But for those who don't know me, they're probably grossed by it."

He did follow up with another comment that he was "ashamed" and "sorry" for what he did.

I love to eat out in restaurants, but stories like this do make me wonder sometimes just what crazy things could go on in the kitchen where my food is being cooked.

Does the toad-licking chef make you rethink eating out?

Image via Randy Son of Robert/Flickr

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