Jamba Juice Accepting McDonald's Smoothie Coupons, Even the Free Ones!

jamba juice taking mcdonald's couponsThe smoothie wars are on! Whether you prefer the McDonald's McSmoothie or the original Jamba Juice version, it's clearly a competition, and may the best berries win.

Jamba Juice just took things up a notch by honoring any $1 off coupons from McDonald's when you make a u-turn and stop at the JJuice shop instead. To add insult to injury, Jamba Juice is even accepting the FREE smoothie coupons that McDonald's stopped taking. Free smoothies!

But Jamba Juice isn't stopping the McD assault there. Check out this commercial where they poke fun at the burger chain getting into the smoothie business in a seriously disgusting, yet hilarious, way:


Although I have to say there have been times after working out when I did really crave a burger.

Jamba Juice is really putting up a fight against McDonald's, and in a clever way. It also makes a gross association with what goes on in the McDonald's kitchen, so that's got to stick with viewers as well.

Does this commercial make you want to get your smoothies from Jamba?

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