Watch Now: Crazy McNuggets Attack Caught on Video!

woman attacks mcdonald's employee

Remember the Toledo woman who attacked a McDonald's drive-through employee in a violent McNuggets rage back in January? Now that the surveillance video has been released, you can watch all the craziness yourself ...


Melodi Dushane, 24, visited a McDonald's drive-through around 6 a.m. on New Year's Day and became enraged when the employees wouldn't serve her Chicken McNuggets (they were only serving breakfast). Here's what ensued:

(The video doesn't have sound, so I'm happy to narrate.)

The first 75 seconds of the tape are boring: The McDonald's employee is no doubt explaining to Dushane that lunch/dinner items such as McNuggets, burgers, etc. are not available in the morning (sheesh, I thought everyone knew this?).

This is when it gets interesting. Dushane gets out of her car, forces open the drive-through window, and starts pummeling the McDonald's employee -- in the face! Then, it looks like she tries to climb through the window, but decides against it (good move).

Dushane continues to throw punches, and the employee grabs her by the hair. A second and third employee help to force the window closed. When Dushane's elbow fails to be enough to break the glass, she grabs a bottle from her car and throws it through the window! Then, she drives away (to terrorize another fast food joint, I wonder?).

I know you are going to be shocked by this information, but Dushane later admitted that she had been drinking the night of the incident and suffers from panic attacks. Her sentence? Sixty days behind bars, three years probation, and a $1,500 fine for the damages.

And all for ... McNuggets.

Is fast food rage a problem in your neighborhood?


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