Get Your Gluttony Pants On

Gluttony PantsReady to head out for a big meal of indulgent proportions and worried about your pants getting too tight? Well, just wear your Gluttony Pants.

Neither a metaphor nor a joke, they're real pants that allow you to expand the waistband according to your expanding waistline -- just like children's clothing. Only with these pants, you can select from "piglet," "sow," or "boar" status.



Designed by Chris Cosentino, a San Francisco chef and former Iron Chef contestant, for Betabrand, they're nicely made with pockets and a waistband lined with fabric printed with individuals of all ages overindulging. And they do, somewhat bizarrely, come complete with their own napkin.

But with a price tag of $100, they're a pretty expensive prank to gift someone. And I can't imagine anyone really buying them for use.

Of course, just when I had all sorts of pompous thoughts about how terrible such a purchase would be and how awful it is that there would be a market in America for such pants, I thought of all the track suits and yoga pants in my closet.

You know, the same ones that women across America don like uniforms complete with adjustable drawstring waists. They may not be so different from gluttony pants ... they just don't come with a napkin.

What do you think of Gluttony Pants?

Image via Betabrand

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