Rich, Educated Atheists Drink More Than You

drinking in americaUnless, of course, you're a rich, educated atheist. A new Gallup poll on drinking habits in America is out and while some things are obvious (Midwestern young men love beer), other facts are more surprising. Like the one that says the American drinking rate is the highest it's been since 1985.

What happened? Another stock market crash?

But the fun really starts when they break down drinking by demographic.


The biggest wine drinkers are women over 50. Biggest beer drinkers (again, no brainer) are men under 50. Interestingly, the biggest liquor drinkers are women between the ages of 18 and 49. What do you think had the most influence there? Sex and the City's Cosmos or all those new flavored vodkas?

Here's the chart from Gallup that gets even further into the nitty gritty:

gallup drinking poll

Do these patterns describe you? What's your booze of choice?

Images via mccun934/Flickr and Gallup

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