Peaches for Dinner? 3 Unexpected Ways to Serve Them Up

eat a peachIt's National Peach Month! And if you live within the continental United States, chances are you can get your hands on some super-ripe, juicy peaches RIGHT NOW.

So you already know about peach cobbler, peaches over vanilla ice cream, peach pie -- all those peach desserts. I almost think nothing can top a plain peach eaten right in front of the farmers' market. But peaches can go savory, too!

Here are my favorite ways to go peachy at dinnertime.




grilled peachesGrilled -- If you have peaches that aren't ripe yet, you can really bring out their flavor by grilling them. Just slice them in half, remove the pit, grill flesh-side down first, then flip for a little more grilling.




desert pepper peachSalsa -- If you're already in the habit of making your own salsa, try using super-ripe peaches instead of tomatoes. I think chipotle peppers go especially well with peaches. I also like Desert Pepper's Peach Mango Salsa.






peach saladPeach salad -- Just top your greens with some chopped peaches! Or you can make a salad of peach slices, basil leaves, feta, and balsamic vinegar.




Do you have a savory idea for peaches?

Images via Bruce Tuten, Adriana Velez, The El Paso Pepper Company, Maggie Hoffman/Flicker

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