Pop-Tart Store & 5 Other Sweet Attractions (Don't Forget Your Toothbrush)

pop-tartsI've had my share of experiences with gimmicky corporate attempts to turn one of their products into an entire store, but even a jaded New Yorker like myself can get excited about this: a Pop-Tart store!

My inner 9-year-old is jumping for joy! Oh, how I loved those processed breakfast foods (strawberry with white frosting and sprinkles was my favorite)!

The Pop-Tarts World Cafe opens August 10 in Times Square. If you choose to go, you can create your own customized Pop-Tarts box filled with your favorite flavors at the Varietizer station (though I wish it had the ability to customize my own actual Pop-Tart), order your favorite flavors at the cafe, and design your own t-shirt. 

If you won't be making it to the Big Apple anytime soon, or Pop-Tarts just aren't your taste, never fear. Here are five other gimmicky product-inspired tourist attractions around the world to sample:


Hershey Park

Also known as "The Sweetest Place on Earth," Hershey Park is a 110-acre theme park located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, with more than 65 rides and attractions, and features 11 roller coasters, more than 20 kiddie rides, live daily entertainment, games, food, and shops.

Jelly Belly Warehouse

Hop aboard the Jelly Belly Express at Jelly Belly Junction, located in the candy's warehouse in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. The 30-minute ride makes stops at a variety of stations with large screen videos showing the company's century of candy making and how we make candy corn, jelly beans, taffy, gummies, and more.

Cadbury World

Cadbury World in Birmingham, England, is where "chocolate comes to life." You can play in chocolate rain, walk through an Aztec jungle, and visit the world's biggest Cadbury shop.

coca cola store

At Coca-Cola World in Atlanta, Georgia, you can taste over 60 different types of sodas from around the world, view a gallery of pop-art that's inspired by the beverage giant, and check out tons of Coke memorabilia from yesteryear.

M&MS store

The M&Ms store, located in Times Square in NYC, is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds. Walls are lined with the colorful candies and the store is stocked with souvenir-ish type gifts.

Have you ever been to a gimmicky product tourist attraction? Which ones are your favorite? Which ones do you want to go to?


Image via poolie/Flickr, Tonydude919/Flickr, JellyBelly.com, CadburyWorld.co.uk, WorldOfCoca-Cola.com, _rockinfree/Flickr

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