Don't Have It? 10 Household Substitutes for Common Kitchen Tools

kitchen toolsCountless times, I've passed over recipes just because they called for a kitchen gadget that I didn't own. Seriously, I don't cook creme brulee enough to own a creme brulee torch.

But recently, I've started makeshifting my own kitchen tools out of other things found around the house. I've become quite the kitchen MacGyver.

Hey, you have to get creative when you have limited kitchen storage space.

Here are 10 replacements for ordinary kitchen tools:


Funnel: I seldom would use this tool, so I see no point in going out and buying one. On the rare affair that I do need one, I just cut off the bottom portion of a clean soda bottle and use that.

Rolling Pins: Wine bottles are great at flattening out bread, pie crust, etc.

Mixer: This will depend on the type of electric drill that you own, but my friend managed to attach her whisk to a drill. Presto!

Oven Mitts: I have to say, I might even like this substitute better than the original -- welding gloves. No heat gets through those babies.

Bag Clips: Why buy those plastic bag clips at the grocery store when you can simply use a clothespin?

Baster: A medical syringe injects flavors into foods just as easily.

Creme Brulee Torch: Blowtorch that sucker! Well, you might want to get hubby to.

Trussing String: No string for that chicken? Use regular string. I've even heard of people using dental floss (mmm, minty).

Jar Opener: Here's a trick: Bang around the edges of a lid with something heavy, like the base of a knife. If that doesn't work, take a mouse pad to try and twist it off. If not, well, maybe you should invest in an actual jar opener.

Basting Brush: A paintbrush works fine, just make sure it hasn't ever been used!


Have you ever channeled MacGyver in your kitchen? What are some tools that you've created?


Image via Barb McMahon/Flickr

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