Taco Bell Adds 'Authentic' Street Food Tacos (Pause for Laughter)

How can we be sure the street food trend is out of control? Let's put it this way: Taco Bell is capitalizing on it.

cantina tacos from taco bell

The fast food taco chain has introduced three new "Cantina Tacos" -- including fire-grilled chicken, beef carne asada, and pork carnitas -- each served on two corn tortillas with onion, cilantro, and a lime wedge.

Sounds good, right? But even better than the new taco line is the spin campaign the company is using to market it ...


Here's how Taco Bell's chief marketing officer is describing the new tacos:

"Our Cantina Tacos are based upon authentic-style Mexican street tacos, which are designed using simple, fresh ingredients, that customers regard as high quality."

Let's unpack this statement, shall we? I don't have a problem with the "street-inspired" moniker. And, if we're judging the "authentic" label, I'll throw Taco Bell a bone and concede that, much like the street tacos in Mexico, these too are served with double tortilla and similar fillings. (Although, I've yet to compare the taste to the real thing.)

However, the words "simple," "fresh, " and "high quality" are taking things a little too far. After all, this is American fast food -- not the farmers' market. We clearly appreciate Taco Bell for its cheap, quick-service food. And, for folks who don't have access to Mexican food carts or divey taquerias, then most likely these Cantina Tacos will be an exotic change of pace.

In other words, let's cut it with all this talk of freshness and quality. Cantina Tacos already sound like a good product -- I'm excited to try them! So why pretend it's something it's not?

Will you try Taco Bell's new Cantina Tacos?


Image via TacoBell.com

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