Dinner With 'Jersey Shore' (Hold on to Your Arteries)

snookie picklesThe cast of last season's MTV hit Jersey Shore have just reunited for a second season, and this time they're headed down to Miami -- and we're joining them for dinner! Virtually, that is.

Okay, it's pretty clear that Jersey Shore is more about the booze than the chow, but I was curious to find out what these eight young partiers would be eating. So I suffered through the season premiere just to find out what kind of fuel Snooki and the gang run on -- besides cocktails, lust, and jealousy, that is.


zitiAs the first episode opens, Snooki gives us our last look at a homemade meal. She's leaving her boyfriend Emilio behind, but he has meatballs and a dish of (sausage-less) ziti to keep him company while she parties in Miami. That's a sign of trust, right?




fried picklesOn the road Snooki and Jenni (aka JWOWW) stop at a bar in Georgia for some life-changing deep-fried pickles. "This puts pickles on a whole other level!" Snooki has found love. The convulsing fist-pumper they meet there? Not so much.






ron ron melonMeanwhile at the house in Miami, the guys are chopping up loads of melon for Ron Ron juice. Kids have to get their vitamins somehow. Later the juice spills all over Sammi's white shorts and she ends up feeling like a pilgrim from the 1920s (um, I'm sure she meant the 1620s) cleaning them in the sink.





frozen pizzaJust because these young people are Italian American doesn't mean they don't still enjoy some frozen pizza. I spied a box sitting on the counter during the pre-party and can only assume this was their dinner. Thus fortified, the Jersey Shore kids are ready to get obliviated, brawl, and hook up with "grenades," which I believe means explosively inebriated young ladies.



Images via MTV, ohmeaghan/Flickr, StickWithJosh/Flickr, jetalone/Flicker, Razor512/Flickr

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