Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Guests Had a Case of the Late-Night Munchies

wedding invitation and champagneAs you can probably tell from all the wedding gossip, Chelsea Clinton was one trendy bride. She not only served a vegan menu, she also treated her guests to one of my favorite wedding food traditions: late-night munchies.

Serving snacks late at night is a popular wedding trend these days -- especially if the festivities are stretching into the wee morning hours. After all, dancing guests need sustenance and by that time the buffet and cake are all but a memory ...

So what did Chelsea serve on her big day?


According to one invited guest, the most famous bride in the world served grilled cheese sandwiches, brownies, and popcorn at 2 a.m. (Wow, 2 a.m.?! That's one late party!)

I know some brides for whom the late-night menu was the most exciting part of the whole wedding. It's the final opportunity to wow guests with one last surprise before sending them on their way.

Some of my favorite ideas for late-night nuptial nibbling include:

  • Pizza (ordered from a favorite neighborhood pizzeria).
  • Milk and cookies.
  • French fries and dipping sauce.
  • Coffee and doughnuts.
  • Ice cream.
  • Hot dogs.
  • Mini foods -- sliders, milkshake shooters, etc.
  • Pancakes and egg sandwiches.
  • Cheese and crackers.
  • Krispy Kremes.

It doesn't really matter what you serve: The important thing is that the snacks are enough to refuel your guests, as well as are easy to eat. In that case, grilled cheese, brownies, and popcorn definitely fit the bill.

Did you serve late-night snacks at your wedding?

Image via soundfromwayout/Flickr

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