7 Ways to Sneak Tofu Into Your Man's Meal

tofuThe mere mention of eating tofu can make a man puff out his chest, swig a beer, and order the bloodiest steak on the menu.

Why is that?

Tofu may have a dainty reputation, but we all (men included) could definitely reap the benefits that come with replacing the meat with a healthier option.

Though the taste is very bland as is, tofu is super rich in nutrients, such as protein, calcium, and B-vitamins as well as lowers bad cholesterol.

Here are seven hearty tofu recipes to try -- your guy may not even realize that he's eating it!


Fried Tofu With Pork Black Bean Sauce: Fried tofu takes on a meaty texture in this traditional Hunan dish that goes from pleasantly spicy to five-alarm fire in a matter of teaspoons. Pungent fermented beans add a satisfying fragrance to the sauce, perfect for spooning over rice.

Breakfast Tofu Scramble: Throw some tofu into his scrambled eggs in the morning, masking it with other ingredients like peppers, onions, and spinach.

Tofu Steak and Onions: Marinading is key ... after that, this manly meal is just as good as the meat version. 

Tofu Chili: One of my dad's favorite meals is chili, but I guarantee that even he wouldn't notice the switch if my mother tried adding in tofu pieces. The tofu absorbs all of the flavors, and takes on the texture of meat.

Jerk Tofu: This savory meal even looks like meat!

Barbecued-Tofu Sandwich: A healthier option for the summertime favorite but with the same great barbecue taste.

Tofu Burgers: As long as it's seasoned well and has lots of toppings, your man may be willing to grill these instead of burger patties. 

Has your man been willing to try tofu? Think he'd try any of these recipes? 


Image via kurisurokku/Flickr

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