What's the Latest Meat Delicacy? (Hint: You Run It Over With Your Car)

squirrel with peanutsTaking the local-sustainable food movement to a whole new level, English supermarket owner Andrew Thornton is selling squirrel meat. Not rabid, garbage-eating city squirrels, mind you, but squirrels from a wild game supplier in the country.

Hey, Thorton's just being practical. The Guardian quotes him as saying: "There are too many squirrels around, we might as well eat them rather than cull them and dispose of them." Yeah, that's just what I was saying about rats. (Kidding!)

So are squirrels flying off the shelves? You'd be surprised ...


Thornton sells 10 to 15 squirrels a week. Oh yes he does. In fact, Thornton says he started carrying squirrel meat because his customers requested it. He compares it with rabbit: "I think it's lovely." Apparently it's been all the rage in England for at least a year.

Here in the States, squirrel is known as a country delicacy. Is delicacy the right word? I think I mean food you eat when you go on a very long camping trip, or when the farm animals have all died. But what the heck, give me enough moonshine to drink I might actually give squirrel a try. That is, if the squirrel has been raised on exclusively on organic hazelnuts and then braised in a white wine sauce and topped with shaved truffles.

What about you -- would you try squirrel meat?

Image via exfordy/Flickr

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