Would You Eat Soft Shell Crab Pringles?

pringles ridiculous flavorsYou know how a Cadbury candy bar tastes different in its native England? Pringles are open to interpretation as well. Someone went on a crazy Pringles shopping spree around the globe and sent The Huffington Post their findings.

My husband and I always check out the grocery stores when we're visiting a foreign land. We discovered an incredible Mayan spice and some disgusting canned meats, but had no idea if we'd searched even harder we could have found Wild Consomme Pringles. Oddly, most of the flavors are either references to American geography or seafood-related.

Here are my new favorite Pringle flavors. Now I just have to find a mule to smuggle (most of) them back from Japan:

  • Grand Canyon French Fries
  • Rock the Floor
  • New Yorker's Street
  • Sausage
  • American Circus

I'm a little depressed now that my own local store only has bbq and sour cream and onion.

What Pringle flavor would you most like to try?

Image via jetalone/Flickr

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