5 Energy Bars You Will Actually Want to Eat

Lara BarCherry pie? Peanut butter chocolate chip? Are you drooling yet?


The cherry pie I'm talking about here is not a real cherry pie; the peanut butter chocolate chip is not a cookie flavor. I'm talking energy bars here -- and the kind that are good for you: low fat, low-sugar, and high-fiber.

Wait! Don't click away!

Energy bars have come a long way, baby. You can find snack bars out there that satisfy your sweet tooth, up your fiber intake and give you more energy without tasting like a cardboard box. Don't believe me? Try one of these five energy bars that you'll actually want to eat!


Larabar Cherry Pie: Larabars are a blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices.       These are sweet and tangy and the nuts provide a slight crunch. These are really good -- I'm serious!  

Kashi GoLean CarmelKashi makes these tasty little treats that are light and crunchy made with crispy whole grain cereal and dipped in chocolate. Real chocolate. Yummy!

SoyJoy Mango-Coconut: With mango, coconut, papaya, raisin and pineapple, these bars will shock your taste buds -- in a good way. They are a little on the chewy side, but as a gluten free snack, they are quite good.

Clif Bar Oatmeal Raisin Walnut: I won't tell you that Clif Bars taste like a home made oatmeal cookie, but for being completely organic and packed with vitamins, you're doing yourself way more good by having one of these than if you raided the cookie jar.

Luna Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter: Luna bars have chocolate and nougat and a lot more protein than a candy bar. They may not have as many vitamins as one of the other brands listed here, but these are great when you need that chocolate and peanut butter combination.

What do you eat when you need an energy boost?


Image via larabar.com


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