Chelsea Clinton Had a Vegan Wedding

chelsea clinton vegan weddingVegan goes mainstream as the most famous bride of the year was outed. Chelsea Clinton is a gluten-free, vegan lady and she made sure her wedding was in-line with her food conscience.

Although the former first daughter is actually allergic to gluten, so that was more a health decision than food political. A gluten-free wedding cake may have been difficult to find 10 years ago, but if Chelsea went shopping in NYC, I personally know of five different and delicious options for the sensitive bride.


As a carnivore who is vegan-curious, I also appreciate the fact that Clinton did serve burgers at the wedding -- grass-fed, of course. Which shows she has a conscience, but also is interested in taking care of the preferences of her guests. Someone raised that girl right!

The more we hear about amazing vegan and vegetarian options, the more inclined the masses will be to move toward a healthier, cruelty-free diet. I know I look at Vegan Yum Yum for inspiration, even while I hold on to my meat-eating ways. If I can reduce the amount of meat in my family's diet, I'm one step closer to feeling not just good, but great about what and how we eat.

Does hearing about a famous vegan make you more inclined to become one yourself?


Image via norwichnuts/Flickr

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