Mean Fortune Cookies: Who Would You Serve?

mean fortune cookieImagine feeling full and satisfied after a meal of mu shu pork. You're sipping on some tea, looking forward to biting into the sweet crunch of your fortune cookie, but not before musing over the fortune.

You begin reading aloud: "You will die alone and poorly dressed."

Talk about immediate indigestion. 

Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies are real fortune cookies that contain mean and depressing fortunes inside.


Sure, they could be a funny prank as you set up your friends and laugh with them -- but who wouldn't really like to deliver one secretly and sit by silently laughing at them?

I can think of more than a few situations and mean fortunes that could come in handy. How about some of the following:

To a former flame dining on dm sum with the girl he dumped you for: "Beware sexually transmitted diseases among new people in your life."

For the frenemy who talks behind your back: "Loose lips will cause your hair to fall out."

Delivered to your nosy mother-in-law: "You will soon gain massive amounts of weight."

For your superstitious friend who just ruined your favorite sweater, but denies it: 666 as her lucky numbers on the back.

At just $9.99 for a pack of 10, they may be more therapeutic than a punching bag.

To whom would you like to deliver a mean fortune cookie?

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