Get Drunk on the World's Strongest Beer

beerThe newest beer trend isn't beer that tastes great or beer that is low in calories; rather, it's beer that can get you the drunkest as fast as possible.

A Dutch brewery called 't Koelschip (translation: The Refrigerated Ship) has created a brew called "Start of the Future" that it claims is the strongest beer in the world: It's 120 proof, or 60 percent alcohol by volume. Need a little perspective on just how strong that is? Let's put it this way: Regular beer is typically 4 to 6 percent alcohol by volume; most speciality microbrews and Belgian ales max out at around 8 or 9 percent; and distilled spirits (vodka, rum, whiskey, etc.) are usually around 40 to 50 percent ...

Yup, that's some strong effing beer.


I know what you're thinking, though: Didn't we already hear about the world's strongest beer last week?

Well, yes. But no.

See, last week a different brewery, BrewDog, announced that it had created the strongest brew in the world -- a beer called "The End of History," which has an alcohol content of 55 percent, costs $780 per bottle, and, oh yes, is packaged inside dead squirrels and rabbits.

That record was eclipsed this week by 't Koelschip. And at $45 each -- not to mention sans dead animal -- I'm thinking this Start of the Future might be the better way to go (although I'd have to split it with 10 of my closest friends lest I end up on the floor at the end of the night).

It must be said that I do find the "who can make the most alcoholic beer" pissing contest most perplexing. How high can brewers push the alcoholic content of beer before it becomes truly ridiculous?

Would you every try a 120-proof beer?

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