Clinton Wedding Rehearsal Goes 'Down on the Farm'

Grasmere FarmUpstate New York is already abuzz with the three-day celebration of Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

The festivities will kick off this evening at the rehearsal dinner, which is traditionally more casual than the actual wedding.


Chelsea's sticking with tradition and it will be hosted at Grasmere Farm, a 525-acre Edwardian stone barn where guests will be dining in the barn and were instructed to wear either cocktail or "country chic" attire. (Yeah, I'm not sure what "country chic" means, either).

Catering will be done by local Josh Kropin of Terrapin Restaurant, which boasts a vegan and gluten-free menu.

I love the whole "down on the farm" theme, even if it's a fancy farm. How great would it be to see a photo of the former president dosey doeing?

You can take the folks out of Arkansas, but you can't take the Arkansas out of the folks! Yee-haw!

What do you think of this theme for the rehearsal dinner? If you're married, what was your rehearsal dinner like?


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