Aki Kamozawa & H. Alexander Talbot From Ideas in Food: What's in My Fridge

Every Friday in our "What's in My Fridge" feature, we'll be chatting with a different food blogger, asking them about their favorite foods and what's in their fridge.

This week I chatted with the adorable family from Ideas in Food. (Seriously, how cute are they?!) Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot (along with moral support from their 18-month-old daughter, Amaya) are chefs, consultants, and authors -- their book Ideas in Food comes out December 2010.

This is a family that likes to get to the source of their food -- like when they butchered a whole five-bone rib eye earlier in the week -- and can't get anything done before breakfast. Also, you won't believe how many pints of ice cream are in their freezer!


Tell us about your blog?  

Ideas in Food is a digital notebook where we chronicle our adventures in the kitchen.

What's in your fridge right now?

There's always a shelf full of condiments -- half of which we've smoked -- because you never know what you'll need in a pinch. Lots of fruit because it's summertime, and we all love the abundant fresh berries, melons, cherries, peaches, etc. Some leftovers: grilled rib eye, fresh creamed corn, pizza, homemade chocolate frosting, spicy sausage and cauliflower, guacamole, lemon verbena syrup, various juices and milks, two kinds of butter, various salumi, several types of cheese, homemade pasta (smoked malloreddus), miso, citrus, cucumbers, jalapenos, sparkling coconut water, bacon, fresh herbs ... it's pretty full at the moment.

What must you always have in your fridge and can't live without?

Butter, eggs, and milk for our coffee. Without breakfast nothing else gets done.

What is the weirdest thing in there?

Slow-cooked rib eye cap, beef in the style of pork belly. We butchered a whole five-bone rib eye earlier this week, and Alex decided to try cooking the fat cap just to see what would happen.

What's the most embarrassing thing in there?

Well, if you migrate down to the freezer there are 10 pints of Haagen Dazs ice cream, which is really way more than three people need.

What's your guilty pleasure food-wise?

See above. Mostly because we can and should make our own, but sometimes you just want something you don't have to make yourself.

What do you wish was in there?

Some beautiful fresh oysters, maybe a couple of dozen Pemaquids, and a bottle of champagne.

Where is your fave place to shop?

Locally, we do most of our main shopping at Whole Foods in Princeton because they have the widest range of good-quality, organic ingredients that we like to cook with. For cheese and salumi we like Di Bruni Bros. in the Italian Market in Philly, and for our glass bottled milk we go to Shady Brook Farms in Yardley. In the season, as now, we try to hit the local farmers' markets and for everything else we go to the Apple Store.

Favorite part of the fridge?

We love the exterior filtered water and ice dispenser.

Anything weird or interesting you want to tell us about your fridge?

We have another one in the garage that we're leaving out of this discussion.

What's on the outside of your fridge?

On the side of our fridge are letters, farm animals, and their corresponding musical bases so that Amaya can practice her alphabet and animal noises while we cook.

What are you up to now?

Trying to cook dinner, entertain Amaya, catch up on correspondence, and fill out this questionnaire.

Images (top to bottom): Joe Kaczmarek; Ideas in Food

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