5 Weird Ways to Get Wasted

End of History Ale

Of course you don't have to get drunk to imbibe in some libations once in awhile, but when it comes to these means of creative consumption, you may be more tempted to try them if you're already wasted.

Here are five strange ways to drink alcohol:


1. Road Kill Beer

A limited selection of the End of History ale (very limited, as in 12), bottles of this beer have been produced and placed in dead animals including squirrels and rabbits. The alcohol content is 55 percent, which makes it the strongest beer ever. Animal rights groups have called it a "cheap marketing tactic." You think?


2. With a Cow

Care to sip some Cabernet beside a bovine while she drinks her daily dose? Head to Canada where a farmer has started feeding his cattle red wine for the 90 days before they're slaughtered. "Once they have it, they're happy to have it again," the farmer told The Vancouver Sun. "They moo at one another a little more and seem more relaxed." Funny how that works for all species.

Sippin' Seat

3. Bum-Warmed Beer

Nothing like sitting on the alcohol you're going to drink. Papa Berts Papa Berts Sippin Seat is a cushioned seat that provides room inside for your favorite alcoholic beverage. A spout allows you to dispense it without ever having to get up. Perfect for sporting events or anywhere you sit, I suppose.  

wine rack bra4. Wine Rack

Ever since I read Lindsay's story about the wine rack -- a bra that allows you to store wine in it -- l have had spontaneous moments when I think about it and start laughing out loud ... or thinking how I could use it about now. Kidding (sort of). But seriously, it's one of the craziest products I've seen in a long time. In college I may have considered it.

Beer Belly

5. Beer Belly

Because concealing alcohol shouldn't be limited to female undergarments alone, men can put on the Beer Belly. It holds up to 80 ounces, and bonus: It has an opening large enough to add ice "for margaritas."

Have you tried any of these drinking methods?

Images (from top to bottom) via: telegraph.uk.co, JelleS/Flickr, amazon.com, baronbob, amazon.com    

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