'Top Chef DC': Mutant Lobsters, and Alex Steals the Pea Puree

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Alex's controversial pea puree
Wow. All this time I thought Angelo was the slimiest contestant on Top Chef DC. But in Episode 7, Alex Reznik proves he's equally despicable.

The drama unfolds during the Power Lunch Elimination Challenge ...



The chefs are asked to cook a power lunch at The Palm for members of Congress, Washington news correspondents, and of course, Top Chef judges (including guest judge Art Smith). The catch? They have to use the protein provided by The Palm -- mammoth portions of Porterhouse steak, lamb chops, salmon, swordfish, and quite possibly the biggest lobsters I've ever seen in my life!

At first, it seems like Ed and Angelo are at a clear disadvantage because they must break down the mutant lobsters. But they take the challenge in stride and focus in on their dishes: Angelo whips up a lobster froth (Wow, foam? How original!), while Ed blends up a silky-smooth English pea puree.

On the other side of the kitchen, the situation is not so calm. Notably, Amanda is freaking out about her Porterhouse steak (which she's never cooked before) and getting in everyone's way. And, Alex admits to the camera that he has no clue how he's going to prepare his "dinosaur-sized" salmon.

Later, back at the house, Alex tells Kenny and Andrea that he doesn't have a plan yet for his dish. Then, we see him overhearing them discuss Ed's pea puree. The whole scene seems so boring and innocuous that I'm reaching for my fast-forward button ... but wait. Just wait.

The next day in The Palm's kitchen we see Alex walking around and stirring a pot of silky smooth pea puree. All of a sudden, Ed realizes his pea puree is missing. Coincidence? Alex would have you believe that it is; he claims that he made his own. But the other contestants suspect foul play. If only there had been a camera around so we could see for ourselves whether or not Alex stole Ed's side dish ...

Alas, poor Andrea is sent home, and Alex wins the Elimination Challenge. Art Smith pays him one of the highest compliments of all time for ... you guessed it ... the darn pea puree:

"... wonderful pea puree. I could have eaten a whole bowl of it. It was absolutely delicious. It was simple yet had great flavor."

There's no evidence of what really went down with the controversial puree, but ultimately Kenny has a pretty convincing take on the situation:

"To create that dish properly ... there's no way he had that kind of time."

So you're going to play like that, Alex? That's pretty sneaky. I'll be watching you ...

Do you think Alex stole Ed's pea puree? What did you think of last night's episode?


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