Madonna Flies With Private Chef (and Tons of Attitude)

madonnaMadonna lives up to her "Material Girl" nickname with this latest antic: flying with a personal chef who cooks her macrobiotic meals on the airplane.

Now, I'm just as grossed out by airline food as everyone else. But buying a first-class airline ticket for your private chef is a little over-the-top -- even for someone as famous as Madonna.

But her high-maintenance behavior in-flight apparently doesn't stop there ...


According to the Daily Star, Madonna recently flew from New York to London and spent thousands of dollars on first-class tickets not only for her chef, but for the rest of her entourage who took up an entire aisle. And, the airline crew was given a list of rules:

"They weren't allowed to walk down her aisle or ask her any questions, they had to go through her assistants."

Wow. Talk about attitude. And that was only for a seven-hour flight! Can you imagine what she'd need if it were any longer?

Madonna's famous for being on a strict diet (which admittedly works wonders for the 51-year-old). But is there such a thing as being too strict?

Do you fly with a personal chef? Kidding! What do you think of Madonna taking hers along for the ride?

Image via David_Shankbone/Flickr

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