6 Summer Food Trends You Don't Want to Miss

macaronsMamas, I don't know about your neck of the woods, but here in New York City it's been one long, hot summer. At least the food has been good ...

Did you know macarons are the new cupcake? Not coconut macaroons, but their fancy French cousins macarons. The pastel-colored confections made from egg whites and almond flour are popping up everywhere. Tragically we will be vacationing in Salt Lake City this summer instead of Paris, but I'll comfort myself with the spectacular macarons at Les Madeleines.

Keep reading to find out what else is hot in food this summer ...




hibiscusHibiscus is the hot new tea on the block! Made from the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower, this one comes claiming all kinds of health benefits, natch (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.). Whatever! Bottom line: It's a fresh new flavor and another great way to get hydrated -- so nice iced.





vita cocoCoconut water is suddenly everywhere. I've already written about coconut-based frozen treats, but I've been seeing a lot of flavored coconut water as well. I like mine plain with good tonic and a squirt of lime.







ghost pepperApparently, Ghost Pepper (aka Naga Jolokia) is the HOTTEST PEPPER EHVAHHHH! You can buy it dried or in a sauce. No, I haven't tried it. Yes, I'm scared. YOU try it.






phat beetsPickled anything is popular right now, but small-batch pickles are especially hot. Somewhere, at a farmers' market or specialty grocer near you, there is probably a shelf of locally made pickles. (Here in Brooklyn we love McClure's and Ricks Picks.) Look out for pickles that go beyond the usual cuckes -- like these "phat beets" with rosemary, ginger, and lemon.




lamb in leeksLately lamb has been elbowing its way into grocery meat counters and onto grills. I happen to love it -- lean, flavorful, and almost always a sustainable choice, especially if you buy American. It's kind of expensive, though, and there's this notion out there that kids won't like it. Try making lamb burgers (same way you make beef) for a low-cost, kid-friendly way to get hooked.



What's your favorite food trend of the summer?


Images via Laudree, Republic of Tea, Vita Coco, Dave's Gourmet, Ricks Picks, American Lamb.

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