A Pioneer-Themed Birthday Party: Celebrating in a Simpler Time

pioneer party
I can't get over the cuteness of the pioneer party that Rebecca from the blog Faith Family Home Friends created for her daughter's second birthday party. It's straight out of Little House on the Prairie!


The party was even hosted at a log cabin in a nearby pioneer settlement park.


Rebecca set the mood with lots of old-fashioned accessories: quilts, mason jars filled with wildflowers, tin buckets, and lanterns. The wagon wheel and handmade pennant at the snack table were like icing on the buttercream cake. For snacks, Rebecca put several old-fashioned candies (think rock candy, peppermint sticks, suckers) into mugs as well as served raisins, boiled peanuts, root beer, and watermelon.

pioneer party

But the pioneer fun didn't stop at decor and food. Rebecca and the birthday girl's two grandmothers sewed aprons for all of the little girls to wear, and bandannas for all of the little boys. Decked out in their pioneer gear, they went on hikes, played with Lincoln Logs, rode on rocking horses, and went on wagon rides, while the adults enjoyed games of checkers and dice. 


wagon ride


After the party was over, Rebecca sent each guest home with homemade strawberry jam and a CD with the fiddle and banjo music that was played at the party.

parting gift


Have you ever thrown a pioneer-themed party? If so, share some of your ideas!


Images via Faith Family Home Friends

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