Would You Eat Your Facebook Friends?

FacebouffeHungry for more Facebook? With Facebouffe, you can feed your Facebook addiction and your chocolate cravings at the same time.

Facebouffe provides squares of chocolate wrapped with pictures of those you have chosen to friend. On the flip side of the wrapper is individual information about each from his or her profile page.


Before you get too excited, you can't actually buy them ... yet. Facebouffe is the brain child of Audrey Wells, a student at the University of Quebec at Montreal, and is currently just a concept.

Who knows where she (or someone else) will take it after all the hype though.

Professor Sylvain Allard gives the project high marks.

"In some ways, the [Facebook] phenomenon is linked to mass consumption in proposing disposable and exchangeable relationships," Allard states. "To respond to this phenomenon, Audrey Wells has imagined those little chocolate squares packed randomly with Facebook’s portraits and their personal profile. Like the famous social network, when you buy this chocolate 'Facebouffe' you do not know who it will matter but you can fill this obsessive curiosity to meet all the characters more virtual than real."

I can definitely think of a few Facebook fanatics I'd love to get some for as a gift. Or how cute would it be to have a bowl of your friends sitting out on the coffee table -- a fabulous conversation starter for parties, and perhaps a satisfying bite when you don't like a certain someone's post.

Would you buy chocolates wrapped in your Facebook friends' faces ?


Image via Packaging UQAM

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