McDonald's Smoothie vs. Jamba Juice: One Is Hands-Down Better Than the Other ...

mcdonalds fruit smoothieMcDonald's McCafe is proving to be a serious competitor for national beverage chains -- first with the Frappe and now with the Real Fruit Smoothie.

How does this drink compare with a Jamba Juice smoothie? We looked at calorie info, price, and of course, taste to determine, when it comes to blended fruit beverages, which is better: McDonald's or Jamba Juice.


**The following product comparison is between two similar products: McDonald's Wild Berry Smoothie and Jamba Juice's new Berry Yumberry Smoothie. Prices may vary based on location.

Beverage: McDonald's McCafe Wild Berry Smoothie, 12 oz.

Price: $2.29 plus tax.

Nutrition: 210 calories; 0.5 grams of fat; 44 grams of sugar. No high fructose corn syrup. Contains less than 1 percent artificial flavors.

Overall: McDonald's smoothie is made with strawberry puree, blackberry puree, blueberry puree, concentrated pineapple juice, concentrated apple juice, low-fat yogurt, and ice. It tastes like something I'd blend up at home using frozen berries and low-fat yogurt. There's a good ratio of ice and creaminess and well-balanced bright strawberry-blueberry flavors without being overly sweet or rich. It's quite good; there's a reason McDonald's recently cancelled its smoothie giveaway for fear of running out of the popular product.


jamba juice smoothiesBeverage: Jamba Juice's Berry Yumberry Smoothie, 16 oz.

Price: $3.89 plus tax.

Nutrition: 230 calories; 0.5 grams of fat; 42 grams of sugar. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial flavors or preservatives.

Overall: Jamba Juice's smoothie is made with Yumberry juice, blueberries, mangoes, and peaches. It had an overwhelming tart-sweet citrus flavor that drowned out the berry taste, and (more offensively), the ice and fruit blend separated within minutes, making for a pretty gross consistency.


The verdict? Nutritionally speaking, these smoothies are neck and neck. Though, some might take issue with the fact that McDonald's uses fruit puree (instead of real fruit like Jamba does). But my issue with the Jamba smoothie -- and this is my beef with all of the chain's products -- is that it's just too sweet. Considering the less-than-perfect consistency and the higher price tag, I think I'll be keeping cool with the McDonald's smoothie this summer ...

That is, when I'm not ordering The Frappe. Go ahead, accuse me of being in bed with McDonald's. I'm not, I promise. It's just that the McCafe products are really that good!

Which smoothie do you prefer? McDonald's or Jamba Juice?


Images via; Jamba

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