Orangette's Cinnamon Toasts: Cooking With Kids

cinnamon toast recipeEchoing the Orangette blog, do you really need a recipe for cinnamon toast? 

When Molly came back from visiting her native Oklahoma, she came armed with her dearly departed grandmother's recipe box. There were a number of favorites, but the one that caught my attention was the recipe her grandmother had written down for cinnamon toasts.

I'm also originally from Oklahoma, and we love our cinnamon toast (or toasts, as Molly's grandma put it). We also love our fatty foods so when I read about the butter situation in this recipe, I knew I was going to love it, even though I would be setting a bad example for my 4-year-old chef's helper.


This is an actual recipe, versus spreading butter on a piece of bread and sprinkling sugar and cinnamon then tossing it under the broiler. I've been adding this treat to our weekend rotation, and when I don't follow the recipe exactly, well, it doesn't work out very well.

While Molly experimented with simply brushing butter on each side of the bread (a very modern adjustment), I decided dipping the bread as her grandmother did was the way to go. And it was amazing. Just frightening in the amount of butter used per serving.

Naturally it's an easy recipe to make with your kids, although again, I don't know if my daughter needed to see the abuse of fat that was taking place in our home.

So head on over to Orangette and get the secrets from her granny. You still use butter, sugar, and cinnamon -- it's the assemblage and cooking time and temp that are very different. It's also a treat you can enjoy the next day and the day after that.


Image via S. Diddy/Flickr

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