World's Most Expensive Sushi Costs More Than $4,000!

Expensive SushiNever mind the recession, there's food to be had -- outrageously expensive food.

Foodiggity has unveiled what's believed to be the world's most expensive sushi. Created by chef Angelito Araneta, Jr., it includes the following:

Twelve-year-old Italian balsamic vinegar, Japanese rice, 70-year-old virgin water, Muscovado sugar, Norwegian pink salmon, cucumber, mango, foie gras, sea cucumber (smoked then pickled and steamed ’til tender sticky), genuine crab meat, wild saffron, mayonnaise with butter, 12 local Palawan pearls, and 4 (.20-ct) African diamonds of VVS clarity.

Guess how much it costs?


198,999.00 Philippine pesos, which (if the conversion tool I used is right) is the equivalent of more than $4,200!

Can you imagine spending that on a meal? EVER?

I'm a little unclear as to if you're supposed to eat the pearls and diamonds? Or do you get to take those home as a souvenir? I've got to guess they're edible, because otherwise you could just slap some diamonds on a Big Mac and call it the world's most expensive hamburger, right?

Extremely priced edibles aren't limited to sushi either. Oneindia put together a list of the 10 Most Expensive Food Items in the World that includes things like La Bonnotte potatoes that run $322 per pound to white truffle mushrooms that run $2,700 a pound.

I love trying new and unique food and don't mind paying for a nice meal on occasion, but with some of these foods, especially the sushi creation, it seems you're buying bragging rights more than anything else.

And while millions of people around the world are starving, I simply can't swallow even the thought of such indulgence.

Even if money was no object, would you spend $4,000 on a serving of sushi?


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