National Junk Food Day: 3 Celebrities Who Should Celebrate

kelly ripaIn honor of National Junk Food Day (today, who knew?), put together a list of celebrities who should maybe refrain from celebrating. The roundup included such weight-challenged folks as Kevin Federline, Kirstie Alley, and Steven Seagal, among others. It's somewhat mean-spirited, yes, but it got us thinking: Which celebs would do well partake in this junk food holiday?


I like to give Kelly Ripa a hard time for constantly looking like she needs a sandwich. But the truth is this woman works hard for that body. She swears by Physique 57 -- an exercise regimen which consists of ballet exercises, calisthenics, and Pilates -- and says potion control helps to keep her lean and trim. Still, I think she could stand to splurge once a while -- like today! -- for a candy bar (or seven).










Tori Spelling blames her ever-diminishing frame on the bird flu, stomach problems, and other health issues -- and who knows, it could be true. I just think a cheeseburger or half a pizza now and then might help her to keep up with those adorable kids of hers.

tori spelling


Kate Bosworth used to be scary skinny. But lately she seems to be approaching a more healthy weight -- which makes her all the more beautiful in my opinion. Rumor is the actress' favorite junk foods are pizza and beer. I say: Girl, you deserve to indulge!

kate bosworth

Which celebrity do you think could stand to gain a little weight?

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