6 Classic 'Mad Men' Cocktails

Mad MenIf I've learned anything from Mad Men, it's that they sure do like their booze and they tend to enjoy the stiff drinks, so lightweights, beware. Here are six classic cocktails that we spotted throughout the last three seasons -- just in time for the season 4 premiere this Sunday.



A favorite of both the men and the ladies, the classic martini had such a recurring role, it was practically another character.

Bloody mary

What would those morning meetings be without drinking a good ol' Bloody Mary to get the creative juices flowing?

Mint Julep

Last season, Roger Sterling hosted a Kentucky Derby party and served delicious mint juleps. Don't let the tame name fool you, these babies are lethal.

old fashion

The mix of citrus, bitters, and rye in an old fashioned remains potently modern to this day.

harpoonWhat we currently know as the infamous Cosmopolitan, the Harpoon was the predecessor to the Cosmo, using different proportions of the same ingredients.


Campari is a classic Italian aperitif, and the men often drink it on the rocks; however, it's much better in a Negroni cocktail, which adds gin and sweet vermouth.

What's your favorite Mad Men cocktail?


Images via AMCTV.com

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