Cake Obsessed: Remember Push-Up Pops? CakeShooters Are Even Better!


The last thing I need is something that makes it easier to eat cake on the go. But that's exactly the idea behind these adorable CakeShooters from Sprinkles Custom Cakes cakery.

Cake and icing are layered in a plastic push-up contraption. Remember the Push-Up Pop frozen treats from when you were a kid? This is a similar idea.

Check out the six amazing flavors ...


Yellow Raspberry Swirl: yellow cake, cream cheese filling, and vanilla icing

Piña Colada: yellow cake and vanilla Bavarian cream with pineapple and coconut filling

O.M.G.: chocolate cake swirled with raspberry and topped with chocolate icing

Sprinkles Signature: confetti cake with vanilla Bavarian cream and white icing

Vanilla: vanilla cake with a choice of vanilla or chocolate icing

Chocolate: chocolate cake with a choice of vanilla or chocolate icing

At $3 a pop (or $36 for a baker's dozen), these treats are priced similarly to a gourmet cupcake. I could see serving them as a fun dessert at a kids' birthday party or baby shower.

Sprinkles Custom Cakes ships nationwide. To place an order, visit the link above.

Do you love the CakeShooter as much as I do?

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