Black Tomatoes? Purple Cauliflower? 7 Odd-Colored Foods You Have to See to Believe

purple and orange cauliflowerMy neighborhood grocery's vegetable aisle has become much more colorful lately thanks to the cauliflower brand, Andy Boy, introducing the vibrant purple, orange, and green varieties, which are normally only found at gourmet markets.

I like my foods to be colorful as much as my foodie friends, I'm just not willing to take an extra trip to an additional store, nor pay a higher amount, for them. That being said, after seeing the pretty cauliflowers, I was curious as to what other colored veggies I was missing out on thanks to my lazy and penny-pinching ways.


white eggplant

The definition of eggplant is, obviously, a vegetable in a "blackish purple color." So what's with these white eggplants? The fair-colored cousin to the purple eggplant is more tender, denser, creamier, and less bitter, but the skin is tougher and must be peeled.

black and green heirloom tomatoesHeirloom tomatoes come in a wide variety of colors including Black Krim (left) and green (right). Other heirloom names (which I personally think are super-fun) are: Big Rainbow, Green Zebra, Hillbilly, and Jubilee.

blue potatoes

Blue potatoes' bluish-purple tint makes for some interesting mashed potatoes and French fries. They are also higher in nutritional value than the boring white ones -- it's a win-win!

purple and white asparagusPurple asparagus (whose pretty purple hue turns more into an ugly brown after cooking) is sweeter and milder than its green cousin. Likewise, the white asparagus is also milder, but receives its color, or lack thereof, from a process called etiolation, which is the deprivation of light. The dirt is kept mounded around the emerging stalk, making it unable to receive sunlight and produce chlorophyll. 

white pumpkin

Each year, I see more and more white or "ghost" pumpkins replacing the traditional orange ones on people's front stoops for Halloween. In fact, I actually bought a couple last year for a trendier version of the Jack O'Lantern. 

Do you like any of these odd-colored foods? What's your favorite?

Images via aplysia 06/Flickr, moria/Flickr,, mariko/Flickr, Fooding Around/Flickr, LCBGlenn/Flickr, SheriW/Flickr, Le Blagueur a Paris/Flickr, Sister72/Flickr

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