Child Nutrition Bill Almost a Law

school lunchI've been tracking the Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill for months. This is the legislation that provides some funding for school lunches and helps set nutritional standards, among other things. Since late winter it's been in and out of committees and through the House of Representatives.

Now it's called the Improving Nutrition for America's Children Act of 2010 and it just passed the House Education and Labor Committee late last week. So how close are we to wrapping this baby up? Thisclose. But the Act may still slip through the cracks. Keep reading to find out why.


Legislators need to get the bill funded, then passed through the full House, then get the same bill passed by the Senate, and finally deliver the bill to President Obama's desk before September 30. Only one problem: the August recess coming up in two weeks.

Also? The House and Senate are busy with a lot of other pressing matters, like extending unemployment benefits and banking reform. Up to this point they haven't made the Act a priority, and so the Improving Nutrition for America's Children Act is still just a bill -- with a looming expiration date.

Image via Jamie Buschemi/Flickr

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