Guilt-Free Pizza Box (But Not in the Way You Think!)

greenbox pizza

Wouldn't life be practically perfect if you could eat an entire pizza and not feel guilty? Maybe in the future we'll have this capability (I can dream, right?), but for now we'll have to settle for a guilt-free pizza box.

Whole Foods is introducing GreenBox -- a new environmentally friendly box manufactured from 100 percent recycled material and designed specifically to reduce waste. I know you're intrigued by the photo above ... here's how it works:


Customers can bring home Whole Foods' brick-oven pizza in the box, which then breaks down (via perforation) into smaller reusable containers. You can use a square of the box to serve a slice instead of a plate (see above right). Then, you can store any remaining slices in the small container on the left.

Still can't visualize it? Here's a quick demo:

Any way you perforate it, this clever box is much more manageable than the large, awkward standard-sized pizza boxes -- whether you're trying to shove it in your recycling bin or store leftover pizza in the fridge.

It's being rolled out in 30 Whole Foods stores in the Rocky Mountains states. I'd love to see it expand to stores nationwide and perhaps even adopted by other pizza chains.

It's encouraging to see companies paying attention to making food packaging more eco-friendly and reducing waste. Now, if we could only find easier, better, greener ways to insulate our to-go coffee cups, clean out peanut butter and jelly jars for the recycling bin, and reduce all the plastic waste from frozen meals, I just might have a chance at happiness.

Do you think standard pizza boxes are annoying and unwieldy? Which type of food packaging would you like to see get a more eco-friendly design?

Image via GreenBox

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