America's Most Veg-Friendly Cities: Did Yours Make the List?

stop signI may only be a part-time vegetarian (yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds), but I can still attest to how difficult it is to find non-meat options when eating out. But as this list shows, being a vegetarian is easier in certain cities compared to others ... 

Washington, D.C., has been named America's "Most Veg-Friendly City" by The Peta Files blog -- beating out West coast cities like Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco, which are typically thought to have more vegetarian restaurants than cities in the eastern part of the country. Other cities that made the list?


They include: L.A., Albuquerque, Atlanta ... click the link above for the full list.

Notably, my city, Chicago, didn't make the list. And this "most-of-the-time carnivore" is none too happy about that fact!

Here's what usually happens when I go into a restaurant during one of my vegetarian phases: I read down the list of several mouthwatering meat offerings until I finally find the one, lone, sad attempt at a vegetarian option listed in tiny print at the bottom -- usually it's some sort of pasta with cream sauce and a veggie or two thrown in. I order it; it's gross. I'm back to being a carnivore by dessert.

That's not to say there aren't great vegetarian restaurants here -- there are. But only a few. And by the time you cycle through them a couple times, you find yourself with a hankering for something new ...

Obviously, I have some commitment issues with being a real vegetarian. But I can't help but wonder if there really were more vegetarian options available at restaurants whether more people would adopt this lifestyle. Why are some cities more able to support vegetarian options than others? And how do I get my city added to the list?!

Do you live in a veg-friendly city?

Image via Striatic/Flickr

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