McDonald's Cancels Smoothie Giveaway (Because They're So Darn Good!)

smoothies If you were looking forward to a free smoothie from McDonald's later this week, we hate to burst your bubble, but you're out of luck:

The giveaway is cancelled.

McDonald's introduced its new McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies -- available in Wild Berry or Strawberry Banana flavors -- earlier this month. And, the beverages are apparently so tasty that demand for the product is off the hook! (I believe it, especially if the product is anything like the Frappe.)


Worried that they would run out of the popular product if they made it available for free, the fast food chain has unfortunately cancelled the promotional deal. (No doubt they remember last year's KFC Chickengate fiasco in which Oprah endorsed a free Kentucky Grilled Chicken deal thereby causing a run on the product and subsequent suspension of the promotion.)

The smoothie launch was McCafe's latest attempt to give other beverage chain competitors a run for their money (this one was aimed at Jamba Juice). And, it looks like the concept is catching on -- to the detriment of those of us who love a good deal. Rumor is the giveaway will be rescheduled, but not until smoothie sales slow down.

Until then why not use this coupon for $1 off your smoothie?

Have you had the new McDonald's Smoothie? What did you think of it?


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