$1 Off McDonald's McCafe Menu

$1 off mcdonald's frappePerhaps you've seen the five zillion billboards and commercials promoting McDonald's campaign to get you to wake up with them and have a giant iced coffee drink with whipped cream and sweet syrups.

If you're so tempted you can't help but drive your car right up to the order window, print out this coupon for $1 off your Frappe or any item of your choice that is served up in the McCafe.


Another new beverage that I'm anxious to get the nutritional information on is the McDonald's Real Fruit Smoothie. I'm excited they're offering real fruit, but would love to take a look and see what else makes the smoothie so enticing, and perhaps threatening to your local Jamba Juice.

I suppose this shows that McDonald's isn't willing to take the back seat to Starbucks or Jamba Juice or any imitators. Since McDonald's regular coffee beat Starbucks in a taste test a few years ago, I'd love to see how these new fancier drinks measure up.

You can use this dollar off coupon on the new fruit smoothies as well.

Have you tried the McDonald's Real Fruit Smoothie or Frappe?

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