5 Delicious Cake-Inspired Pancakes

red velvet pancakesI was having a late night dinner (okay, so it was a grease-fest after a night of drinking) at a diner here in New York the other night, when I read on the menu: Red Velvet Pancakes.

I was too much in the mood for unhealthy cheesy fries, so I didn't order it, but I did tuck it away in my brain to Google the next day.


Red velvet pancakes, how great does that sound and, more importantly, why have I never heard of this flapjack version before? Red velvet is probably my favorite cake flavor, so I can only imagine what deliciousness could be had with red velvet pancakes.

If you're as intrigued as I was, That Breakfast Cook has a fantastic recipe, accompanied with photos that will make your mouth water.

So, if there's red velvet pancakes, that must mean that they are more cake-inspired breakfasts, right? Oh, yes.

If you love carrot cake, this recipe from Picky Cook will blow your friggin' mind. Sweet and spicy perfection with cinnamon honey butter slathered on top -- are you hungry yet? And though apple pie isn't technically cake, this recipe from Midwest Living for apple pie pancakes is still definitely worth mentioning.

You can also take a cue from IHOP and turn ordinary buttermilk pancakes into cake-like fun for your tongue. In the past they've done a Coffee Cake Pancake, which is buttermilk pancakes topped with streusel, and they currently have a New York Cheesecake Pancake, which is loaded with cheesecake pieces, strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and powdered sugar.

What's your favorite cake-flavored pancake?


Image via researchgirl/Flickr



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